Nigerian Dwarf Goats For Sale

Nigerian Dwarf Goats For Sale

Welcome to Clover Dreams Farm in Las Vegas, NV! We are a clean herd that annually tests our Nigerian Dwarf goats for CL, CAE, and Johne’s diseases. Our goats are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association and come with age-appropriate vaccines, preventative care, and tattoos. Please read our purchase agreement for more information.

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Companion Wethers
​Bucklings & Proven Bucks
​Jr Does & Doelings
Does in Milk

​Companion Wethers

S9 - Galaxy x Leonidas | Born March 21, 2024

👁 Blue Eyes

For Sale $200
Deposit Received, Pending Pickup - Thank you AG

Ready for a New Herd May 17, 2024

S8 - Galaxy x Leonidas | Born March 21, 2024

For Sale $200

Deposit Received, Pending Pickup - Thank you AG

Ready for a New Herd May 17, 2024

S14 - Butterscotch x Summit | Born April 23, 2024

For Sale $200

Gold with Moonspots 💖

Ready for a New Herd July 6, 2024

S15 - Butterscotch x Summit | Born April 23, 2024

For Sale $200

Ready for a New Herd July 6, 2024

​Dry Senior Does - Great Companion Animals



For Sale $300

Barn Name: Fantah

DOB: 3/30/2015

💕Fantah is a sweet girl who loves to be loved on and walked. 

Fantah miscarried in April 2024. She came to our farm in Oct 2021, and had one recorded kidding that year. We do not have her kidding history prior to 2021. 

She kidded with Quads in 2022,  and Twins in 2023. 

Sire: Fuji Farm Sho Micah
SS: SG Sandy Hollow UK Hickory Oak
DS: GCH Sandy Hollow UK Maddie

Dam: J-Nels LY (2013 Spotlight Sale)
DS: GCH Chenango-Hills Lysander
DD: SGCH J-Nels ER Dot Com

🔬 DHIA Milk Testing Data

2023 - (8-00) - 176 DIM - 360 lbs Milk - 17 lbs Fat - 15 lbs Protein

🏆 Show Wins

1st Place, 2023 ASGBA Memorial Day Show (All Rings) - Commended for her mammary system and dairy strength



For Sale $200

DOB: 02/18/2015

Bitsy is a VERY Sweet Girl. She is retired and amazing at being loved on.
If you are looking for pet goats she would be perfect for you. 💖

In her retirement she also "babysits" the kids while they are away from their mothers and has done off-site farm visits. She has a gentle soul.

Sire: October Road Reposado D’Odeon (LA2015)
SS: B* Fuji Farm RTR Apple Jack
DS: CH Odeon RT Tequila Sunrise

Dam: Cherry Butte OS Harley (LA2015)
DS: Odeon Sebastian
DD: Dreamhigh ONB Miley

​Bucklings & Proven Bucks



For Sale $300

DOB: 06/09/2021

Disco shares his lineage with impressive siblings. 

His paternal sister, Clover Dreams CS Galaxy, achieved an 87 GGVE score as a 2nd freshener at almost 3 years old and earned her milk star in protein during her first lactation year. Notably, Galaxy's milk production surged by 60% in her second freshening. 

Clover Dreams BC Caramello, Disco’s maternal sister, showcased a stunning first freshener udder in March, welcoming twins. Her initial milk test at 51 days post-freshening recorded 3.2 lbs, marking a promising start.

Sire: The Lilbigkids ChocolatShotgun
SS: The LilBigKids Triggerbuck 
DS: Koolkidz EOA Iona Maddie

Dam: AGS New Shadow Hills Lady Leslie
DS: AGS MCB D’Sire’s Oberon
DD: New Shadow Hills Lady Kate 3*D

Additional Genetics to Note:

  • CH Winters End Gabrielle



For Sale $500

DOB: 03/02/2024

Sire: Winning Streak O Mad Hatter *B (LA2023 | VVE 87 | 01-03)
SS: Winning Streak CM Countn Ordrs *B
DS: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Pippin Alice 1*M

Dam: Walsh Kids M Sierra Nevada  (LA2024 | VVEE 90 | 07-01)
DS: Walsh Kids AG Mozart (LA2017 | VVE 88 | 03-03)
DD: Walsh Kids HH Audrey Hepburn (LA2017 | VV++ 83 | 02-02)

 Additional Genetics to Note:

  • GCH Rosasharn UMT Pippin +B (LA2010 | VVE86 | 05-02 )
  • GCH Wood Bridge Farm Count On Me +*B (LA2020 | VVE 88 | 02-11)
  • GCH Phoenix Farm IDA Special Order +*B (LA2017 | VEEE 91| 06-02)
  • Castle Rock Allegro (LA2015 | EEEE 91 | 05-00)
  • Poppy Patch Honey IMA Hottie (LA2021 | VEE 89 | 09-04)

​Jr. Does & Doelings



For Sale $400
DOB: 04/11/2023

Sire: Clover Dreams CS Disco
SS: The LilBigKids ChocolatShotgun
SD: AGS New Shadow Hills Lady Leslie

Dam: Sage-Acres SM Raven Fiala
DS: Cabin Creek Minis Sir Maverick
DD: Sage-Acres Dos Black Dahlia

Additional Genetics to Note:

  • CH Winters End Gabrielle
  • SG Kids Corral LB Krystal Blue
  • SGCH Piddlin Acres WB Paprika
  • CH Twin Creeks WB Meadowlark
  • SG Spring Run Haiku’s Kimono
  • SG Woodhaven Farms Luzifer Blue
  • GCH Sugar Creek Nate’s Patience


For Sale $350

Ready for a New Herd June 21, 2024

SS: Onaqui Jsun Neau Way Jose *B
SD: Red Valley Farm Oreo

Dam: Clover Dreams BC Butterscotch 
DS: The RadagastFarms BostonCream

Additional Genetics to Note:

  • SG Old Mountain Farm Nightshade
  • SG Old Mountain Farm Cernannos
  • CH Old Mountain Farm Browni’dsuzn
  • SG Sugar Moon RB Victory
  • SGCH NC Promiseland Beau-nita
  • SG Creamery Creek Pashmina Pippa
  • SG NC Promisedland RC Odyssey
  • SGCH Caddaypie Vanessa Morgan
  • CH Cabin Creek Minis Sir Dayne
  • SG NC Promisedland RC Bonafide

​Does in Milk

Be notified by email of any Does in Milk that become available by joining the waitlist.


LA: 2024 VVVE89 (04-02) 3F 

ADGA PD2355462

AGS D103322

For Sale $600
Deposit Received - Pending Pickup
Thank you S & L

DOB: 02/28/2020
Freshened: 3/22/2024
Aurora is Dual Registered with ADGA/AGS. 

Aurora has seamlessly blended features and strong dairy characteristics. Excelling in Mammary during linear appraisal as a 3rd freshener, Aurora boasts an Extremely High Rear Udder Height and showcases an exceptionally wide and curving arch of the rear udder. Her fore udder is well-attached, snug, and robust. Demonstrating width and strength across her linear traits, she's a model of dairy goat excellence.

Praised for her width, strength, and superior rear leg structure. A standout dairy doe. 

She kicked off this year's milk test at 37 days in milk with 3lbs of milk, 5.7% Butterfat.

Sire: New Shadow Hills Honey’s Star +*S 

SS: Silveraurora JC Wishuponastar *S 

SD: Shadow Hills Bit O Honey 2*D 

Dam: New Shadow Hills Dolly 4*D 

DS: Desertwinds GW Ridingthestorm 

DD: New Shadow Hills CookieNCream 3*D

🔬 DHIA Milk Testing Data

2024 - (04-00) - Current - 37 DIM - 101 lbs Milk - 6 lbs Fat - 4 lbs Protein

2023 - (03-01) - 287 DIM - 509 lbs Milk - 30 lbs Fat - 23 lbs Protein

🥛 - Aurora ADGA registration was processed in early 2024 after her 2023 milk test was concluded. (She is eligible for a Milk Star based of her protein production in 2023, but we are unsure if it will be awarded.)  We anticipate if put on milk test at her new farm she will be able to earn her ADGA milk star.  Her Dam is a 4*D in AGS. 


For Sale $450

DOB: 04/09/2022
Freshened: 4/23/2024

Sire: The RadagastFarms BostonCream

SS: Quicksilver Farms TC Zephyr
DS: Quicksilver Farms M Goldilocks

Dam: Odeon FFM

DS: Fuji Farm Sho Micah
DD: J-Nels LY (2013 Spotlight Sale)

Additional Genetics to Note:

🔬 DHIA Milk Testing Data

2024 - First Freshener - First Test in May 2024

LA: 2024 GGVG 82 (02-10) 1F


For Sale $450

Deposit Received - Pending Pickup
Thank you S & L

DOB: 06/07/2021

Freshened: 4/22/2023

Ethel is a dream to milk, and I know I should be drying her up and letting her rest to be rebred this fall, but she is so easy to milk. 😅

Ethel scored Very Good in rump, showcasing a nearly level hip-to-pins rump angle. Exhibits sharp angularity, clean, flat-boned dairyness. We are proud of her for scoring "Good Plus" in mammary as she was 365 days in milk with slow production. Commended for fore udder attachment and high rear udder height. (Scoring in the mid-30s in rear udder height, arch and fore udder attachment.)

Sire: The LilBigKids ChocolatShotgun
SS: The LilBigKids Triggerbuck
DS: Koolkidz EOA Iona Maddie

Dam: Cherry Butte RDO Bitsy
DS: October Road Reposado D’Odeon (LA2015)
DD: Cherry Butte OS Harley (LA2015)

Additional Genetics to Note:

  • CH Winters End Gabrielle
  • CH Odeon RT Tequila Sunrise
  • SGCH Sandy Hollow UK Sunshine
  • SG Camanna WR Ariel of the Sea

🔬 DHIA Milk Testing Data

2023 - (1-11) - Current 372 DIM - 390 lbs Milk - 31 lbs Fat - 15 lbs Protein

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