Farm Guardians

Experience the peaceful days on our farm,

Our guardians are always ready to step in when needed. At Clover Dreams Farm, we have carefully selected a team of protectors who work harmoniously to ensure the safety of our animals and live in harmony with the wildlife of the majestic Mojave Desert.

Livestock Guardian Dogs

Welcoming our first Livestock Guardian Dog in July 2021 was a pivotal step after encountering some wildlife-related challenges. Rocky, our Anatolian, Turkish Boz, and Akbash cross, bred by Ranch O'Dreams in Fallon, NV, quickly became an integral part of our farm. In July 2022, we added Rosie, Rocky's sister from the same breeder, different litter, creating a dynamic duo. Rocky has matured into a formidable Guardian and Rosie is "Spicy" and adds a touch of sass to our team.

Fun Fact: Livestock guardian dogs have an instinctive ability to protect their herd, blending in seamlessly rather than herding. They expertly watch for intruders within the herd, and the mere presence of these guardians is often enough to deter some predators.

Guardian Llama

Meet Cleopatra Queen of Denial, also known as "Cleo," our regal guardian llama who joined our farm in January 2021. When she first arrived, Cleo was apprehensive about walking on a leash and had been without grooming for years. However, after building trust with humans, she now leads with grace and precision. Cleo roams our fenced property diligently, keeping a watchful eye out for predators and gracefully trimming the trees. Kidding season is her favorite time of year, bringing joy and excitement to the farm.

Did You Know: Llamas possess an innate alertness and keen awareness of their surroundings. They can draw attention to intruders by emitting a startling alarm call that resembles the sound of a rusty hinge.

Guinea Fowl

A lively flock of Guinea Fowls has found their home at Clover Dreams Farm. They delight in socializing with one another while expertly foraging and naturally curbing the insect population. You may often spot them perched on the barn roof, diligently keeping a lookout for any unwelcome guests.

Fun Fact: Guinea Fowls possess remarkable instincts and promptly sound loud alerts when they spot intruders within their territory. Our flock has effectively alerted us to the presence of coyotes, hawks, and wild burros.
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